Selena Forever

The Selena Trial

The Houston Chronicles Files

October 17, 1995: March 31 tape of police negotiator and Yolanda Saldivar

Sgt. Larry Young is on the witness stand.

The tape of March 31, with Sgt. Isaac Valencia, a police negotiator, speaking to suspect Yolanda Salvidar, is still playing:

Saldivar (crying): I am going to killed myself. Where is Larry?

Valencia: Look to the back of the truck and you will see Larry... I am not going go leave you...Larry is going to get you... Don't be afraid.... Larry is here. Move toward Larry. You see Larry. Move toward Larry. Yolanda, are you doing that? Move toward Larry. Are you doing that?

Saldivar: Yes. They are going to kill me.

Valencia: Yolanda, has anybody hurt you?

Saldivar: They are going to kill me.

Valencia:Yolanda, move toward Larry. Move from the truck, Yolanda.

Saldivar: You told me you were going to come and get me....Come and get me, Larry.

Valencia: Listen to Larry, Yolanda. Are you listening to Larry?

Saldivar: I don't have anything.....

Valencia: Yolanda, what is Larry telling you to do?

Saldivar: You want to help me, Larry?

Valencia: What is Larry telling you to do now?

Saldivar: (screaming) I am going to kill myself. Please, Larry.

Valencia: No one is going to hurt you, Yolanda. Why are you looking back?....Yolanda, listen to Larry. Back up.

Saldivar: I am going to get back on the truck. I am going to kill myself.

Valencia: Yolanda, that is not good and you know it.

Saldivar: I am going to kill myself.

Valencia: Yolanda, that is not good, that is not going to solve anything. Let's try it again. You can do it.

Saldivar: I don't know if I can or not.

Valencia: Yolanda, will you start outside (away from) the truck again?

Saldivar: I cannot live with myself because Selena is dead.

Valencia: I know. Listen. That is not fair. You have to come out. You have to come out for your family.

Valencia: All it takes is me and Larry. He has got your jacket. Listen to Larry and come on outside.

Saldivar: What are you telling them, Larry?

Valencia: You just step outside. Move toward them. Step with your left foot, now. Move your right foot forward. Did you move your left foot?....Yolanda! Yolanda?

Saldivar: What are you telling them Larry?

Valencia: He is not telling them anything. You are hearing things.

Saldivar: I am going to kill myself.

Valencia: Yolanda. You don't want to do that. Move toward Larry, Yolanda. Yolanda, move toward Larry. Can you do it?

Saldivar: I am going to kill myself.

Valencia: Yolanda....Yolanda. What did Larry tell you to do?

Saldivar: I am scared.

Valencia: That is why I am on the phone. You can move toward Larry.

Saldivar: I am going to kill myself.

Valencia: Take three steps forward.

Saldivar: Okay.

Valencia: Count them for me, Yolanda. 1, 2, 3. You can do three more steps.

Saldivar: I don't have a gun, I don't have anything. I am scared.

Valencia: Yolanda, three more steps. 1, 2, 3. Yolanda, three more steps. 1, 2, 3. You can do that. Can't you do that, Yolanda?

Saldivar: I am going to kill myself. (Yolanda is continuously screaming and hollering).

Valencia: Yolanda, can't you hear me? Yolanda, can't you take three more steps?

Saldivar: You want to see me dead.

Valencia: Three more steps, Yolanda! Three more steps and we are going to come for you.

Saldivar: I don't want to step out because I want to shoot myself.

Valencia: Yolanda, how far out from the truck are you?

Saldivar: I am on the concrete.

Valencia: Can you take three more steps? Come to the front of the truck with three steps.

Saldivar: I am scared that they are going to kill me. I want to die. I want to die. ( Yolanda is continuously screaming and crying.) I don't want to live anymore. No Larry, I don't want to live. I am tired.

Valencia: Yolanda you are tired. We are tired. Yolanda, take three steps.

Saldivar: I am scared.

Valencia: Yolanda, I am here on the phone with you and Larry is out there. Yolanda, take three steps.

(Saldivar cries out. There is a rumbling noise on the tape. Saldivar is apprehended. End of tape.)