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10/06/1995: After Simpson trial, Saldivar case as much open as shut -- Spanish

10/08/1995: Devoted fans of Selena arrive before trial starts -- Spanish

10/09/1995: Potential jurors say minds set -- Spanish

10/09/1995: Selena's fans make feelings heard -- Spanish

10/10/1995: Six men and six women picked for Selena jury -- Spanish

10/11/1995: Defense attorney trades clips with shop employee

10/11/1995: Few rise early to witness Selena trial

10/11/1995: Court audio suspended temporarily for Selena media -- Spanish

10/12/1995: Saldivar used `cowboy gun,' witness says -- SpanishSelena

10/12/1995: Selena jurors have diverse histories

10/12/1995: Saldivar's rape story challenged by witnesses

10/13/1995: Selena spoke killer's name, witnesses say -- Spanish

10/13/1995: Medic tells how he found Selena's ring

10/13/1995: Motel employees describe Selena's shooting, death

10/15/1995: Prosecutors to wrap up Selena murder case this week -- Spanish

10/16/1995: Saldivar sobbed, begged forgiveness, officers say -- Spanish

10/16/1995: Police officer testifies Saldivar familiar with weapon operationSelena

10/18/1995: Ranger says police ignored suicide story -- Spanish

10/19/1995: Selena was beyond aid, doctor says -- Spanish

10/19/1995: Selena remembered in Day of Dead altars

10/19/1995: Surgeon says Selena's emergency treatment futile

10/20/1995: Saldivar tapes show police negotiators' hard task

10/20/1995: Both sides in Selena case finish -- Spanish

10/22/1995: Jury expected to get Saldivar case Monday -- Spanish

10/23/1995: Tejano radio callers reflect anger, sadnessSelena

10/23/1995: Frenzied fans hail verdict with tears, cheers

10/23/1995: Corpus Christi joyous after verdict

10/23/1995: Saldivar found guilty of killing Tejano singing star Selena

10/23/1995: Jury gets Selena murder case

10/23/1995: Jury to hear accusations of stealing -- Spanish

10/25/1995: Saldivar's dad cries for mercy -- Spanish

10/25/1995: Both sides rest, final arguments this afternoon

10/26/1995: Selena jury gives killer life sentence -- SpanishSelena

10/26/1995: Selena's killer gets life

10/26/1995: Selena trial news briefs

10/27/1995: Selena killer's time begins with isolation

10/27/1995: Future for Selena's killer: isolation, heavy security, fear

10/29/1995: Fans find solace in final verdict

11/14/1995: Nueces County calls charges for Saldivar trial excessive

11/14/1995: Nueces County balks at expense request for Saldivar trial

11/15/1995: Saldivar: Selena told her `Tell your story'Selena

11/21/1995: Selena's killer to be booked into prison

10/26/1995: Saldivar, convicted in murder of Selena, seeking retrial

11/29/1995: Juror denies any ties to the uncle of Selena