Selena Forever

The Selena Trial

The Houston Chronicles Files

October 11, 1995: Carlos Valdez questioning Abraham Quintanilla (continued)

Valdez: Did you attend a meeting on Thursday, March 9, in Selena's office building ?

Quintanilla: Yes.

Valdez: Was the Selena and the Defendant present?

Quintanilla: Yes.

Valdez: What did you asked the Defendant?

Quintanilla: I asked her *(Yolanda Saldivar) about some documents that we had found and some documents that were missing.. She said that she didn't know where they were.?

Valdez: Were there any threats by you?

Abraham said no.

Valdez: What did you say then?

Quintanilla: I said that I was going to go to the police and make an investigation.

Valdez: How long did the meeting last?

Quintanilla: About 30 minutes.

Valdez: Did you see the Defendant any more that night?

Quintanilla: No sir, I saw her the next morning.

Valdez : About what time?

Quintanilla: About 7 a.m., on March 10. I requested a call to my brother to be be present.

Valdez:: Did you meet with Selena?

Quintanilla: Yes I asked Selena what she was going to do.

Douglas Tinker: Objection. Hearsay.

Valdez: Did you go to Selena's office building that morning?

Quintanilla: Yes, I did.

Valdez: What did you find when you got there.?

Quintanilla: Yolanda was at the office.

Valdez: What did you do?

Quintanilla: I asked Yolanda to leave, and she did.

Valdez: After March 10 , when was the last time that you saw Ms. Saldivar?

Quintanilla: Not until today.

 Valdez: October 11, 1995?

Quintanilla: Yes ,sir.

Valdez: Did you ever threaten Ms. Saldivar ?

Quintanilla: No, sir.

Valdez: Did you have any friends threaten her or her family?

Quintanilla: No, sir.

Valdez: Did you talk to her on the phone?

Quintanilla: No, sir.

Valdez: Did you at any time harass Ms. Saldivar?

Quintanilla: No, sir.

Valdez: Did you shoot at her car?

Quintanilla: No, sir.

Valdez: Have you ever told Ms. Saldivar that she was a lesbian?

Quintanilla: No, sir.

Valdez: Have you ever raped Ms. Saldivar?

Quintanilla: No, sir.

Valdez: Have you ever had sex with Ms. Saldivar?

Quintanilla: No, sir.

Valdez: Have you ever stabbed her tires?

Quintanilla: No Sir:

Valdez: Have you ever harassed her at all?

Quintanilla: No Sir.

Valdez: Have you threatened her family?

Quintanilla: No, sir.

Valdez: Have you ever had an involvement with Selena's business:?

Quintanilla: I have not ever had any involvement in Selena's business.

Valdez: Have you ever had and involvement in your son's business...

Quintanilla: No, sir.

Valdez: Does your son control his own business?

Quintanilla: Yes, sir.

Valdez: Do you believe your son makes more than Selena?

Quintanilla: Yes, sir.

Valdez: Did you allow Selena to be involved in entertainment so that you could become rich?

Quintanilla: No, sir.

Valdez: Do you try to stop you son from his business to pursue his musical career?

Quintanilla:: No, sir.

Valdez:: Now let me ask you a little bit about March 31. What were you doing that day when you found out about your daughter's death?

Quintanilla: We were in my son's office, and the phone rang. Me and my son was together, and my sister-in-law called. Me and my son got into the car and rushed over to the emergency room.

Valdez: What did you see?

Quintanilla: A lot of people was standing on the street.

Valdez: What did you find out?

Quintanilla: I thought that my daughter was in a car accident.

Valdez: How did you feel when you found out you daughter was killed?

Quintanilla: I was shocked.

Valdez: That's all the questions I have.

Tinker: No questions

Judge Mike Westergren: Let's let the jury take about a 20-minute break.