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Defense attorney trades clips with shop employee

Some had never heard of singer

By PATTY REINERT Copyright 1995 Houston Chronicle

9:16 PM 10/11/1995

Corpus Christi attorney Doug Tinker, in town to defend the woman accused of killing Tejano singer Selena, had some fun at a witness's expense Wednesday --but not before the witness had some at Tinker's.

Kyle Voss, an employee of the San Antonio gun shop where murder defendant Yolanda Saldivar purchased the gun used to kill Selena, told prosecutors he had notes in his pocket that would help him recall specific dates when Saldivar had come in. After Tinker volunteered that he wouldn't object to the witness referring to them, Voss, 29, pulled out his notes, scribbled on a newspaper clipping.

On cross-examination, Tinker approached the witness for a closer look at the notes, and announced they were written across a picture of the defense attorney that was published in the San Antonio Express-News. Examining the clipping further, Tinker proceeded to read other notes written on the clipping, including Voss' grocery list. And as Assistant District Attorney Mark Skurka jumped to his feet and objected loudly and repeatedly, Tinker described the clipping further.

The doodles included several insults against Tinker that pointed out his suspenders in the photo with the comment, "Suspenders to keep fat ass from showing," and "Protruding belly. Is it a boy or girl?" In the background of the photo, next to a picture hanging on Tinker's office wall, is the comment, "Ambulance chaser for best friend."

State District Judge Mike Westergren allowed Tinker to describe the entire clipping to the jury, which prompted an embarrassed apology from the witness. "I accept," Tinker said.